Soak City Car Washing Bay
Soak City Norwest launched in 2020


Professional washing and cleaning of your car

A Mulpha Group company, Mulpha has been operating in the automotive industry since 1979, launching Soak City Car Wash in 2020. With our first state of the art car wash located at Marketown Norwest, we have since then rapidly expanded with six sites opening and coming soon across the east coast of Australia.

2023 2024 ACWA
WRS 5 star water rating
Soak City Car Wash is a proud member of the Australia Car Wash Association (ACWA)
Soak City - Loyalty Card

Soak City has now Corporate/Loyalty cards where users can add credit and then it can be used at any of our locations. When adding credit to the cards users receive bonus credit based on their deposit amount ranging from 5% to 25% bonus. Loyalty cards can be used on autos (except Melton South location), self-serves, vacuums, vending machines and dog washes across all Soak City locations.

Interested customers can collect Soak City Loyalty card from attendant onsite rather than do anything online at this stage.